News :

» Recently commissioned a 1200 kg/hr Walking Beam Hardening Furnace for Leaf Spring with dual Fired burners. Customer is really happy with our service.

» Recently commissioned 2 Oven Furnaces for IIT POWAI. The Operating temperature Range of the Oven is from -40 deg to 100 deg and -40 deg to 180 deg. Temperature Accuracy of the ovens Is ± 1 Deg C and Humidity Range is 40Range RH to 95% RH. They are used to test performance of Solar panels under different Temperatures

» Recently commissioned a 350kg/hr Hardening Furnace for High Tensile bolts for an Indian Customer.

» Recently received an order for 2 Nos of SS 309 Inner Cover for bell Annealing Furnace. Manufacturing activities are currently going on.

» Recently Received 1200 Kgs/Hr Oil Fired walking beam Furnace for Leaf spring. Manufacturing activities are currently going on. We always make sure we assemble all the major components of furnace including walking beam With hydraulic cylinders for smooth functioning and easy to assemble at sight as if there are any rectification required it could be done at our factory with ease.

» Recently Received a spare order of Bell Annealing Furnace Base used for Annealing of steel strip wires. Fabrication and manufacturing activities are currently going on.

» Recently recieved an Order for Sintering furnace of 500 kg/hr capacity. It is gas Fired Furnace. Manufacturing Activities are currently going on.

We have recently commissioned a Bright Annealing Roller Hearth furnace for Stainless Steel tubes. Furnace Capacity is 250 Kgs/hr and it is Gas Fired. We have received Bright Annealing of tubes as desired.

»Recently we have commissioned deep galvanising plant for Satec Envir Engineering, Bhuj. Furnace capacity 10m/t hour, we supplied imported hot work (UK) burners along with pyronics burner management system. Furnace is dual fired

» Recently commissioned Solution Annealing Roller Hearth Furnace for SS tubes