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Welcome To Pyrocon Furnaces & Allied Equipments

We are an engineer’s association of having expertise of more than 35 years in design and engineering of Industrial Heating System such as Oil/Gas/Electric fired furnaces. We have during our employment with leading furnace manufacturing companies acquired knowledge of latest design techniques and methods of manufacturing Heating System at very affordable rates.

In addition to providing design and engineering services we also offer our services in the area of maintenance, up-gradation and conversion. Under the said service we serve our customers in totality by taking complete responsibility of plant maintenance such as planning, execution, supervision, etc. Further if need be we extend the scope to offer services during normal plant operation which basically comprises of supply of skilled and unskilled labour and overall supervision during operation.

We have founded PYROCON FURNACES & ALLIED EQUIPMENTS PVT LTD in 2016 with a view to offer quality-engineered Furnaces to the Users.

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Latest News

» Recently commissioned 2 Oven Furnaces for IIT POWAI. The Operating temperature Range of the Oven is from -40 deg to 100 deg and -40 deg to 180 deg. Temperature Accuracy of the ovens Is ± 1 Deg C and Humidity Range is 40Range RH to 95% RH. They are used to test performance of Solar panels under different Temperatures.

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